Fellow Republican,

Just when you thought Barack Obama’s recent $4 million Hawaii family vacation was as bad as wasteful government spending could get, it got even worse in Georgia this week.


Over 4 times worse … $17 million of our tax dollars were added to the budget to pay for a new parking facility at the Falcons stadium.


What does former democrat Nathan Deal have to say about this wasteful government spending? Nathan says it is “justified.”Click here to watch for yourself.


What do I say about the $17 million of your hard-earned money? This is a dirty deal for the Dirty Birds. More importantly, this is a dirty deal for the taxpayers.


If you want fiscal responsibility to be returned to the Gold Dome, I need your support today.


Your $17 contribution to my campaign now will help send a clear message to Nathan Deal that $17 million for a new parking facility is not justified.


If Nathan thinks the $17 million is justified, he should tell that to the state employees who are spending more of their hard-earned money on health care because of his failures. He should tell that to the teachers forced to buy materials for their classrooms because the money isn’t there for them. And, he should tell that to a group of conservatives at a debate with me.


I’ll save Nathan the time; most will disagree. If you disagree with Nathan, please make a $17 donation to my campaign securely online now.

Together, let’s show Nathan that we are sick of Obama’s wasteful spending on the federal level and sick of Nathan’s justification of wasteful spending on the state level.


Thank you in advance for your support,



David Pennington



Small Businessman

Candidate for Governor


P.S. – Your donation of $17 or any amount online now will send a clear message that you want someone with a proven record of cutting government spending in the Governor’s Office. Please make your donation by clicking on this link now.