Pennington Vows to Push Pro-Life Legislation; Calls Deal a Hypocrite


SAVANNAH, GA, May 16, 2014 – Based on his strong pro-life beliefs, Republican candidate for governor David Pennington pledged today to introduce a bill to regulate abortion clinics in Georgia.


Pennington made his pledge during a get out the vote rally in Savannah and had harsh words for Nathan Deal on pro-life issues.


“Nathan Deal is a hypocrite,” Pennington said. “Despite Nathan claiming he is pro-life, he has taken no action to stop abortion in Georgia. This should not be a surprise since he voted in Congress in support of a bill to use fetal tissue for research that was co-sponsored by Nancy Pelosi and other pro-abortionists.”


“I promise Georgia that, when I am elected governor, I will introduce legislation to regulate abortion clinics, as medical surgery centers are regulated,” Pennington said.


Georgia Right to Life PAC has commended Pennington for his commitment to protect the sanctity of life, although GRTL’s policy is to not endorse challenger candidates against previously endorsed incumbents.


“We acknowledge and appreciate your pro-life credentials,” GRTL PAC director Melanie Crozier wrote in an email to Pennington. “However, because of our long time policy of endorsing previously endorsed incumbents, we will not be able to endorse you at this time. We will keep your paperwork on file and should we receive calls regarding your candidacy we will be happy to explain our incumbent policy.”