Pennington Squares off with Carter; Deal Doesn’t Show


ATLANTA, May 1, 2014 – Conservative Republican for Governor David Pennington shared the stage with Democrat candidate Jason Carter today at the Georgia Conservancy forum to address environmental policy.


“I continue to be the most transparent Republican candidate in the race,” Pennington said. “Upholding my promise, I answered questions alongside Jason Carter and am ready to debate Nathan Deal. Yet again, Nathan failed to show up and address the public.”


Pennington continues to challenge Deal to a debate. Deal has failed to attend any of the debates.


Today, Pennington outlined his economic reform plan to return Georgia to a thriving and competitive state that attracts business at the Georgia Conservancy’s Green Eggs & Ham forum. Pennington’s proposal includes lowering the personal income tax and corporate income tax rates to attract manufacturing jobs.


“Georgia has the fifth highest poverty rate in America. If we are poor, we won’t have the money to protect the environment,” Pennington said. “Once we restore the economy, we can return control to the local communities, who know how to provide the best protection of Georgia’s waterways and natural resources.”