David Pennington Slams Nathan Deal on Tax Reform Comments

Dalton Mayor Cites Need for Businessman’s Approach in Governor’s Office

DALTON, GA – Conservative Dalton Mayor, Businessman, and Georgia Governor Candidate David Pennington slammed Nathan Deal following Deal’s statements suggesting lawmakers should delay tax reform proposals in the next session.

Today, Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Political Insider with Jim Galloway posted an article entitled “Go easy on election-year tax proposals, Nathan Deal tells lawmakers.” (http://www.ajc.com/weblogs/political-insider/2013/dec/09/your-daily-jolt-go-easy-election-year-tax-proposal/). In the article, Deal suggests that no major tax reform will happen next year and doing so could be “dangerous.”

Pennington rejected this notion and slammed Deal for putting politics over people once again with the following:

“Nathan Deal is selling the people of Georgia a pig in a poke. He has had three years to push conservative tax reform but chose to kick the can down the road because he is too committed to the revenues brought in from his tax increases. During those three years, Georgia’s Medicaid population and food stamp recipients have grown rapidly and two thirds of our school districts remain on a reduced schedule from lack of funding.  Instead of conservative tax reform to solve these problems and reduce one of the highest state income taxes in America, Nathan has pushed for tax increases time and again.  From the car tax to the nursing home bed tax to his desire for a $1 billion dollar transportation tax, Nathan Deal wants more of your hard-earned money to fuel his spending increases.

I have proven as Mayor that you can cut spending and cut taxes while increasing services and surpluses.  We need a businessman’s approach, not that of a Washington trained politician, in the Governor’s office.”