Pennington Responds to Deal’s Budget

SANDY SPRINGS, GA, April 28, 2014 – Conservative candidate for Georgia Governor David Pennington released the following statement today in response to Nathan Deal signing the state budget.


“The budget that Nathan Deal signed today is just another broken promise from our supposed Republican leader. Nathan ran as a limited government conservative. However, since he took office, Nathan has not only increased taxes, but increased spending by $2.5 billion in four years. Of course the state’s revenue has increased because Nathan passed one of the largest tax increases in Georgia’s history – the automobile tax. While Nathan pledged to cut the corporate income tax, during his last campaign, he never has.


Other Republican governors – Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Rick Perry of Texas and Rick Scott of Florida – all cut taxes, and their states have recovered from the recession far better than Georgia has.


As the only true conservative running for governor, I promise to cut taxes – and spending – just as I have done as mayor of Dalton. Georgia deserves a leader who keeps his promises.”