Pennington to Donate Portion of Governor’s Salary


SANDY SPRINGS, GA, April 30, 2014 – Conservative Republican candidate for governor David Pennington announced today that he will donate 10 percent of his governor’s salary to scholarships.


Of the 10 percent, 5 percent each year will go to fund a student in the state university system and the other 5 percent will be awarded to a high school student to assist in tuition at the school of his family’s choice.


“Elected office is about public service to me,” Pennington said. “I believe in giving back to the community and helping to improve the lives of our children. One way to do that is through school choice. Families and local communities – not bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. or Atlanta – should have the opportunity to choose the education that best fits their students regardless of the zip code they live in.”


Pennington is opposed to Common Core and supports returning control to local school systems. He also supports full educational choice, including charter schools, home-schooling and private schools. But he also believes that public schools need to be on the same level as charter and private schools. “Once we remove the mandates placed on public schools, they will be able to compete fairly with the other schools to provide an excellent education,” Pennington said.


This salary donation follows the precedent that Pennington started six years ago when elected mayor of Dalton. For the past years, Pennington has donated his entire mayoral salary to fund scholarships at Dalton State College. In total, Pennington has donated $36,000, funding dozens of scholarships.


“My family has been in Georgia since the 1700s. Every generation of Penningtons have had a better life than their parents. Sadly this trend stopped with my son, who now has to live in a state with higher taxes, higher unemployment and declining schools,” Pennington said. “If the highest officer of this state leads with integrity and the utmost ethics, we can restore Georgia to the thriving economic and education center that it once was.”


In 2013, the Georgia governor made $139,399.