One week remains before the future of our great state will be decided. Now, more than ever, I need your help to educate other voters about the real state of Georgia’s economy.


Nathan Deal touts Georgia as the #1 state for business. He does not brag about the source of that ranking because it comes from one magazine read by a few hundred people in Georgia. He has no tax reform plan, and he has increased state spending by $3.5 billion.


I look to nationally accepted economic indicators, which tell the real story about Georgia’s business climate under Nathan Deal. The facts are sobering.


- 3rd highest teenage unemployment rate in the U.S.

- 4th highest long-term unemployment rate in the U.S.

- 5th highest poverty rate in the U.S.

- 20 percent of Georgians on food stamps


My plan is to cut Georgia’s income tax by 33 percent to help small businesses grow and create wealth. A 10 percent reduction in state spending will pay for this tax cut. This worked in Dalton while I was mayor and it will work for all of Georgia.


Please share this critical information with others and encourage them to vote on May 20.



Thank you for standing with me,



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