Nathan Deal: Increase Spending, Increase Taxes, Hurt Georgia Families & Businesses


DALTON, GA – Dalton Mayor and Conservative Republican Candidate for Governor David Pennington slammed Governor Nathan Deal today, as Deal unveiled his plan to increase state spending for a 4th straight year, with the following statement:


“While the federal government is learning how to cut spending, Nathan Deal is proposing increased spending for a 4th straight year for state government. If his past is representative of his future, Nathan will continue to cover the spending increases with tax increases that hurt Georgia families and businesses.


What has Nathan’s increased spending accomplished for the people of Georgia: the 4th highest long-term unemployment in America, the 5th highest poverty rate in America, Georgians’ paychecks stagnant at 1979 levels, and a Georgia economy with its tires stuck in the mud illustrated by the very slow rate of personal income tax collections – growing less than 1% in the last quarter of 2013.


While I want and have a real, economically-sound plan to increase teachers’ pay and cut overall spending – Nathan’s one-time, $579 million dollar education spending increase is a page from his book of his former Washington life – throwing money at a problem with no real intention of fixing it.


Nathan sure knows how to make promises; he simply doesn’t know how to keep them.”