Leaders of Georgians to Stop Common Core

Announce Support of David Pennington for Governor


ATLANTA, GA – Top officials of Georgians to Stop Common Core announced their support today for Republican David Pennington in his campaign for Governor of the State of Georgia.


Teri Sasseville, a co-­founder of the 1,300­ member organization said: “With the Legislative session behind us, yielding no relief from Common Core, we have shifted our focus to a new strategy. To Stop Common Core in Georgia before irreversible harm is done, we must elect a new Governor.”


Sasseville added that she is especially concerned about kids with special needs: “I have a daughter with autism and I was twice the President of the GA Autism Society in the 1990s. I recognize that Common Core would undo a lot of gains that had been made for kids with disabilities. Common Core is an unproven experiment that’s also been called ‘developmentally inappropriate’ for early learners. I’m worried about what this is doing to little kids. Common Core needs to be stopped. And, we need a new Governor to stop it.”


In giving her endorsement of Pennington, Sasseville continued: “David Pennington has been a strong voice against the one-­size-­fits-­all, centralized Common Core educational approach from the beginning. As Mayor of Dalton, he donated his Mayor’s salary to Dalton State College to provide scholarships. So, his commitment to education is not just lip service. He has invested his own money in Georgia’s students. He will make a great Governor, and he will get Georgia out of Common Core!”


Another Georgians to Stop Common Core Co-Founder, Liza Jackson, also announced her support for Pennington: “We need someone in office who will stand up for all the children and teachers of Georgia. David Pennington is the only candidate willing to do that. We need him in office so we can take our schools back. Like many Georgians – my children have been adversely affected by Common Core, and opposition to it will be our Litmus test come voting time.”


In accepting their support, Pennington also slammed Nathan Deal’s failure to stop Common Core in Georgia: “I am proud to have earned the support of real leaders, who agree with me that local control with parental involvement is the key to improving education for all of Georgia’s children. While Nathan Deal recently said ‘it would be ill-advised to simply abolish the (Common Core) standards,’ I would have no hesitation to do just that. I believe strongly that, if we truly want to give our children the best education, we need to decentralize education from the federal and state levels to the local communities.”




Members of Georgians to Stop Common Core come from both political parties. The organization stretches across the state and includes teachers, administrators, parents, school board members, college professors and other concerned citizens. While the organization cannot endorse candidates, its individual members can.