Pennington: GA’s Economy is Not Recovering


SANDY SPRINGS, GA, May 9, 2014 – Georgia’s April revenue figures show the state’s economy is getting worse – not improving, Republican candidate for governor David Pennington announced today.


During his term, Nathan Deal has raised taxes and increased the state’s spending by $4 billion. One of those tax increases – the new automobile tax – is included in the April revenue figures, causing the numbers to appear to increase. However, this increased revenue is not sustainable.


“The only thing that will turn around this state is true limited government conservative principles,” Pennington said. “Nathan has tried to spin these numbers to show the state is improving, when in fact the numbers only show that Georgia’s economy is not recovering the way it needs to.”


The increased revenue also reflects a small increase in personal income tax paid by Georgians.


To revive Georgia’s economy, Pennington has called for an immediate decrease of the personal income tax from 6 to 4 percent, with the plan to completely abolish the income tax in a few years.


“With the way our economy is going, no state employees, including teachers, will see a raise in the next decade,” Pennington said.


During his tenure as mayor of Dalton, Pennington cut taxes and gave city employees a raise after implementing a strategic spending plan and cutting unnecessary regulation.