Our next Governor needs to be someone people can trust, not someone who is in the world’s newspapers with personal ethics problems.
Georgians should not be worried that our state’s chief executive is spending more time worrying about defending himself than helping improve our state.
David Pennington believes public service is just that, serving the public.

That is why Mayor David Pennington donates his Mayor’s salary to fund local scholarships.


Mayor David Pennington earned the Rotary’s award as a GUARDIAN OF ETHICS.
David’s standard of ethical behavior is not legal or illegal – it is right or wrong.
As our Governor he will make real ethics reform a priority.  He will not spend his time raising campaign funds to spend on lawyers defending himself from ethics questions.  David Pennington will spend time ensuring that our government operates with transparency and that we uphold the highest form of ethics.
Here is more about what David has to say about Ethics:
News article on David Pennington’s GUARDIAN OF ETHICS AWARD: