Pennington Honored as First Recipient of Education Freedom Award
Governor Candidate also Earns Education Freedom Coalition Endorsement


ATLANTA, GA – The founders of the Georgia volunteer citizen organization About Common Core honored Conservative Republican candidate for Governor and former Dalton Mayor, David Pennington, as the first recipient of the Education Freedom Award at a ceremony held at the Atlanta Airport Crowne Plaza Hotel. Pennington was recognized not only his strong opposition to Common Core, but also for his support of teachers and parents to have the freedom to choose the best path in properly educating their students and children.


Pennington also earned the formal endorsement of the Education Freedom Coalition at the same event.


In accepting the award, Pennington proudly said: “I am humbled and honored to receive this award for my belief in Georgia’s local communities, teachers and parents. I believe Georgia’s children will do best if educational control is shifted away from a centralized government back to our local communities. I believe in our teachers who are the best educated work force in the world. If we return classroom control to them, we can rapidly close the achievement gap. And, I believe in our parents, who know what educational environment is best suited for their children. I also believe that Common Core is a one size fits all approach that stifles creativity and innovation and must be removed in Georgia.”




About Common Core is a grassroots organization comprised of volunteer citizens including educators, parents and civic leaders. About Common Core’s mission is to defend every child, teacher and family from the exposure to the destructive, unproven influences of Common Core and its dangerous abuses of our children’s privacy. About Common Core’s goal is to eradicate Common Core in every state as quickly as possible. To that end, About Common Core recently released a free mobile app for all smart phones and tablets. The app is available by either visiting or through Google, Amazon, or the Apple App Store.