Gov. Deal Threatens Pennington


Over the weekend, Governor Nathan Deal’s Chief of Staff sent a threatening text message on behalf of Governor Deal to the private cell phone of Phil Neff, David Pennington’s Campaign Chairman and the former Chairman of the Whitfield County Republican Party.


The text message read in part: “Phil…If David wants to throw rocks, he shouldn’t live in a glass house. Out of respect for you, I have withheld. – Chris”


Full text message can be viewed at:


Michael Mule’, David Pennington’s campaign advisor, responded with the following:


“It is outrageous that Governor Deal is threatening Mayor Pennington.  It is simply outrageous that a sitting Governor would stoop so low to the level of issuing a threat on a cell phone.”


“To issue such a threat shows the Governor is continuing to employ fear and intimidation on those who question his ethics, his tax increases or his failures to improve the economy.  Mayor Pennington has nothing to hide.


“If the Governor wants to expose David Pennington’s proven record of lowering taxes, cutting spending, creating a smaller and more efficient government, reducing regulations for businesses, and making Dalton a “City of Ethics” for its open and transparent government - we welcome it. If the Governor wants to highlight that David Pennington donates his salary to scholarships for hard-working students - we welcome it.  And, if the Governor wants to share the fact that David Pennington has received the Rotary Guardian of Ethics Award - we welcome it too,” added Mule’.


“If Governor Deal wants to defend himself against the latest news of FBI subpoenas and ethics scandals, along with his tax increases - we welcome him to debate Mayor Pennington in a public, open forum.  Governor Deal is welcome to bring any information he feels is relevant to allow the public to decide who has the better record on ethics, taxes and job growth.  We encourage Governor Deal to offer a date and time between now and January 15th, and Mayor Pennington will be there ready to talk about the issues,” Mule’ added.


Hours before receiving the threatening message, Pennington sent the following email to Republicans across the state about the ongoing ethics investigation into Deal and federal subpoenas issued earlier in the week and in response to Nathan Deal’s paid attorney using the Georgia GOP’s email list to defend his client: