Pennington Says Nathan Deal Should Pay $3.8 Million out of His Own Pocket


DALTON, GA - As reported by Creative Loafing Atlanta, Nathan Deal’s Department of Revenue would charge an organization $3.8 million to share documents per Open Records laws regarding Deal’s business sale to a company owing Georgia $74 million in back taxes. Conservative Republican Candidate for Governor David Pennington responded with the following statement:


“Not only does Nathan Deal continue to abuse his power, but he also continues to show complete failure in managing state agencies. Last week revealed failure in managing the food stamp budget. Today, his mismanagement is shown by charging $3.8 million for making copies.


If Nathan was a conservative who actually believed in transparency and if there were no shady deals with the business sale, he would pay the $3.8 million out of his own pocket to give the people of Georgia faith in government again. Based on his quick departure from Congress and his failure to debate the issues that matter most to Georgians, my guess is Nathan will continue to hide from the truth.”