Deal Breaks Promise; Hides Tax Returns


SANDY SPRINGS, May 1, 2014 – A week after Conservative Republican for Governor David Pennington released his tax returns, Nathan Deal still is dodging the public and failing to show his income.


Deal’s personal attorney challenged Pennington to release his tax returns and pledged on behalf of Deal that Deal would do the same once Pennington did. On April 24, Pennington released his full tax returns for the past five years.


“I kept my promise and showed Georgia that I am transparent and committed to open government,” Pennington. “It has been a week; and Nathan still has not kept his side of the bargain. This broken promise is just another example of why Nathan is not fit to lead Georgia.”


Pennington has also challenged Deal to release records documenting the sale of his business to Copart, which owes $74 million to the State of Georgia in back taxes. Deal has also failed to release these records.


“Nathan won’t release his taxes. He won’t release his business records. And he won’t attend a debate. How is that transparent? More importantly, how is that leadership?”