Pennington: Georgia Must Follow Other States and Cut Income Tax


SANDY SPRINGS, GA, May 7, 2014 – Republican candidate for Georgia governor David Pennington praised Missouri today for cutting its income tax rate and reiterated his pledge to cut Georgia’s income tax.


“The only way to restore Georgia’s economy and be competitive is to cut the state’s income tax rate, so we more align with our surrounding states,” Pennington said. “I congratulate the Republicans in Missouri who voted to override their governor, abide by true limited conservative principles and cut the income tax rate.”


Pennington has pledged to immediately cut Georgia’s income tax rate from 6 to 4 percent, then work to eliminate the income tax entirely, as Florida, Tennessee and Texas have done.


“Nathan Deal campaigned that he would cut the corporate income tax. Not only has Nathan failed to cut taxes, but he has also increased spending,” Pennington said. “As governor, I will continue to be a true limited government conservative, cut not only taxes, but also eliminate unnecessary regulations.”


While mayor of Dalton, Pennington not only cut property taxes by 28 percent and cut spending significantly, but he also gave city employees a raise.


“Government is a service-oriented business. As a lifelong businessman, I know that service businesses only run if employees are inspired,” Pennington said. “One of the ways to motivate employees is to cut their income tax and ensure they have quality pay.”