Our challenges are daunting.
Georgia has the highest unemployment rate of any state in the Southeast.
Georgia citizens’ incomes are ranked down where they were in 1979. Georgia has trailed the nation in economic performance with the national economy growing 71% faster than ours for much of the last decade.
Our leadership is failing us.
We need ethical leadership that will focus on job creation, not scoring political points. We need a proven, job creating businessman to take the reins.
David is a job-creating businessman who has successfully grown and operated businesses employing and supporting hard working Georgians.
Ranked 34th in the Tax Foundation’s annual State Business Tax Climate index, Georgia can and must do better to compete with neighboring states for business.


As a Mayor David Pennington reduced business license fees up to 50% and streamlined the permitting process to shorten the time for a business to start up and create jobs. While the area around his city is struggling, David’s city is doing well


He has proven it can be done. As our next Governor, Pennington will cut red tape and high taxes harming job growth.
David talks here about how well Dalton is doing under his leadership as Mayor while the region around the area still struggles: