Providing Ethical Leadership for Georgia

Our next Governor needs to be someone people can trust, not someone who is in the world’s newspapers with personal ethics problems. Georgians should not be worried that our state’s chief executive is spending more time worrying about defending himself than helping improve our state.

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Cutting Taxes, Wasteful Spending & Debt

As a Mayor, David Pennington cut property taxes by a whopping 28%. At the same time David improved services and the emergency fund surplus by 50%. He cut bureaucracy and unnecessary spending. As our Governor, David Pennington will eliminate the income tax.

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Improving Education with Local Control

As a father and grandfather David knows we must ensure our kids and grandkids have a great education if we want them to find good work and be prepared for the jobs of the future. Georgia’s economic success is tied to their success.

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Reforming Welfare

Our next Governor needs to be open to reforming welfare to protect taxpayers and ensure help is there for the truly needy, not just those who are looking for a handout. Our current Governor has seen the number of people on food stamps rise. Georgia now ranks 6th in the nation for the number of people on food stamps.

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Supporting the Right to Life

David knows family is a tremendous gift from God that serves as the bedrock for our society. His family tree goes back in Georgia to 1751. He and his wife, Pam, have raised their son and daughter in Georgia and are proud grandparents. David knows that life is precious and should be valued at the …

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