Pennington Calls for Broader 2nd Amendment Rights


SANDY SPRINGS, GA – Conservative candidate for Georgia Governor David Pennington released the following statement today in response to Gov. Nathan Deal signing the new gun legislation:


“The Second Amendment is not just a gun issue. It’s a freedom issue. In this country, we have gone from first to 11th in worldwide freedom rankings in the past 13 years. It is our birthright as Americans to live in the freest nation on earth. We personally may give up that right, but we cannot surrender our children’s and grandchildren’s birthrights. I don’t believe that giving up our freedoms makes us any safer. The crime rates in this country have proven that. As a leader, I will not rest until we are the freest nation on earth again.


While Nathan touts this one bill, he purposely forgets to mention the failure of campus carry and other bills that protect our Second Amendment rights. As governor, I will advance legislation that protects and enhances our Second Amendment rights.”