David Pennington: 3rd & long for Georgia’s unemployment rate


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  September 30, 2013


Fall football is underway; and we, Georgians, love competing in the Southeastern Conference.


We played in the SEC Championship game in the last two years, but how is our state doing in the competition for new jobs and economic growth compared to our SEC competitors?


Let’s check the unemployment scoreboard among the eleven SEC States:

2011: Nathan Deal took office – GA ranks #8 among the SEC states

2013: Nathan Deal now ranks GA dead last – #11 of 11


Yes, Georgia is dead last.


That is the legacy of Nathan Deal, and it is time to change coaches.


Alabama, who edged out Georgia during the exciting 2012 SEC Championship game, is winning big in the employment game with an unemployment rate of 6.3% – the best among the SEC states.


Nathan’s economic policies are failing. What he characterized as “comprehensive tax reform” consisted of a few small tax cuts combined with one large tax increase on vehicles that is transferring millions of dollars every month from the private sector to government coffers.


With unemployment almost 20% higher than the national average, we need a game changer. We need real tax reform focused first on an income tax cut.


While we may root for different football teams, we all need to root for Team Georgia; and to be successful we need a new coach.